China: Towards New Models of Economic Growth

“China Development Forum 2007” was successfully held in Beijing on March 18-19. This year’s theme is “China: Toward New Model of Economic Growth”, which received widely well-thought-of by domestic and foreign delegates. During the forum, delegates carried out in-depth discussions and research upon six issues: Economic Readjustment and Transition of Economic Growth Models; Fiscal Policies towards a Shift in economic growth Dynamic; A Resources-saving and Environment-friendly Society; Harmonious Society and Social policies; Building a New Socialist Countryside to the Benefits of Farmers; and National Strategy of Self-reliant Innovation. During the forum, Premier Wen Jiabao cordially met with the foreign participants and listened to their comments and suggestions on china’s development. [Detail>>]


March 17 (Saturday)

Academic Summit

Panel I: What are the Key Stumbling Blocks in Shifts of Economic Growth Models and Policy Adjustments

Panel II: Rising Labor Costs and Shifts in Economic Growth Dynamic

Panel III: National Income Distribution and Household Consumption

CEO Summit

Panel IV: Energy, the Environment and Business Sustainable Development

Panel V: Future Scientific and Technological Progress and Corporate Strategies

Panel VI: Economic Globalization and Internationalization of Chinese Companies

March 18 (Sunday)

Session I Opening Ceremony

09:00-09:30 Opening Address: Wang Mengkui, President (Minister), Development Research Center of the State Council

Keynote Speech: Zeng Peiyan, Vice Premier, the State Council

Guest Address: Lord John Browne, CEO, BP PLC

Session II Economic Readjustment and Transition of Economic Growth Models

Session III Fiscal Policies Towards a Shift in Economic Growth Dynamic

Session IV Panel

Session IV (1) A Resources-Saving and Environment-Friendly Society

Energy Conservation and New Growth Dynamic

Environmental Protection in China: Challenges and Solutions

Session IV (2) Harmonious Society and Social Policies

Putting in Place a Basic Healthcare System Covering Urban and Rural Residents

Building a New

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