China towards 2008:2020Development Goals and Policy Options

The ninth annual session of China Development Forum was held in Beijing on March 23-24, 2008. The theme of this event was “China towards 2020: Development Goals and Policy Options”. The participants were engaged in frank and sincere dialogue and interaction in a way that met the purpose of the Forum, which is to serve as a channel for dialogue and communication between Chinese and international entrepreneurs, scholars and government officials, help China and the rest of the world know each other better. [Detail>>]


March 22 (Saturday)

Academic Summit

SessionⅠGlobal Economic Outlook for 2008 and Macro-Policy Response of China

SessionⅡ Supply and Demand of Agricultural Products and Inflation

Session Ⅲ Options for China’s Urbanization

CEO Summit

SessionⅠ Mergers and Acquisitions in the Context of Globalization

SessionⅡ Corporate Social Responsibility for Combating Global Warming

Session Ⅲ Safety and Quality Management of “Made-in-China” Products

March 23 (Sunday)

Session Ⅰ Opening Ceremony

09:00-09:30 Chair: Zhang Yutai, President, Development Research Center of the State Council

Opening Adress: Li Keqiang, Vice Premier, the State Council

Guest Address: Charles O. Holliday, Chairman & CEO, DuPont

SessionⅡ Pursuing Sound yet Rapid Economic Development in China

Session Ⅲ Fostering an Innovation-oriented Nation: Policies and Progress

Session IV Panel

Venue I Building a Resource-Efficient and Environment Friendly Society

Pursuing a Long-term Strategy for Energy Conservation: Objectives and Measures

Environmental Protection in China: Objectives and Measures

Venue II Building a Harmonious Society

Developing a Healthcare System benefiting All

Developing a Housing System for All

March 24 (Monday)

Session V China’s Consumption Market: Potential and Outlook

Session VI China towards 2020: International Perspectives

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