China: Deepening Reform and Opening-up for a Well-off Society

Sponsored by the Development Research Center of the State Council, China Development Forum 2013 will be held on March 23-25, 2013 at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing. The theme for the coming Forum is "China: to Deepen Reform and Opening-up for a Well-off Society". [Detail]


Economic Summit

China and the World in 2020: Prospects and Challenges
China’s Peaceful Development and US-China Relations
The Roadmap of China's Economic System Reform
New Trends - Financial Markets after the Crisis
Building the Long-term Capacity to Meet Global Challenges
Advancing the Reform of China’s Health Care System


Completing the Building of a Moderately Prosperous Society in All Respects: China’s Vision and Policy
Reforming Fiscal and Taxation Systems to Promote Inclusive Growth
Promoting a More Comprehensive Pattern of Opening-up
Establishing a System for Modern Industrial Development
Implementing a Quality-Oriented Urbanization Strategy




  • Daniel Kahneman

    Daniel Kahneman

    Professor Emeritus and Senior Scholar, Princeton University, USA/Nobel Laureate in Economics

  • Joseph Stiglitz

    Joseph Stiglitz

    Professor, Columbia University, USA/Nobel Laureate in Economics

  • Michael Spence

    Michael Spence

    Professor, Harvard University, USA/Nobel Laureate in Economics/Former Chairman, Council of Economic Advisors, The White House

  • Esko Aho

    Esko Aho

    Senior Fellow, Harvard University, USA/Consultative Partner, Nokia Corporation

  • Michael Boskin

    Michael Boskin

    Professor and Senior Fellow, Stanford University, USA

  • Wook Chae

    Wook Chae

    President, Korea Institute for International Economic Policy

  • Martin Feldstein

    Martin Feldstein

    Professor of Economics, Harvard University, USA/Former Chairman, Council of Economic Advisors, The White House

  • Ian Goldin

    Ian Goldin

    Director, Oxford Martin School, UK

  • Peter Nolan

    Peter Nolan

    Professor, University of Cambridge, UK

  • Stephen Roach

    Stephen Roach

    Senior Research Fellow, Yale University, USA

  • Paul Romer

    Paul Romer

    Professor, New York University, USA

  • Nouriel Roubini

    Nouriel Roubini

    Professor, New York University, USA/ Chairman and Co-Founder, Roubini Global Economics

  • Lord Nicholas Stern

    Lord Nicholas Stern

    Professor, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK

  • Martin Wolf

    Martin Wolf

    Associate Editor & Chief Economics Commentator, Financial Times

  • Adrian Wood

    Adrian Wood

    Professor, University of Oxford

  • Zheng Yongnian

    Zheng Yongnian

    Director of East Asian Institute, National University of Singapore

  • Li Wei

    Li Wei

    Minister, DRC

  • Xu Kuangdi

    Xu Kuangdi

    Vice Chairman, the Tenth National Committee of the CPPCC; Honorary President & Academician, Chinese Academy of Engineering

  • Zhu Zhixin

    Zhu Zhixin

    Vice Chairman, National Development and Reform Commission

  • Liu He

    Liu He

    Minister, Office of the Central Leading Group on Financial and EconomicAffairs;Vice Chairman,National Development and Reform Commission

  • Miao Wei

    Miao Wei

    Minister, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

  • Lou Jiwei

    Lou Jiwei

    Minister, Ministry of Finance

  • Wang Anshun

    Wang Anshun

    Mayor, Beijing Municipal Government

  • Huang Qifan

    Huang Qifan

    Mayor, Chongqing Municipal Government

  • Guo Gengmao

    Guo Gengmao

    Party Secretary of CPC Henan Committee

  • Li Zhaoxing

    Li Zhaoxing

    Chairman, China Public Diplomacy Association; Former Foreign Minister

  • Yang Weimin

    Yang Weimin

    Vice Chairman, Office of the Central Leading Group on Financial and Economic Affairs

  • Han Wenxiu

    Han Wenxiu

    Deputy Director, Research Office of the State Council

  • Hu Cunzhi

    Hu Cunzhi

    Vice Minister, Ministry of Land and Resources

  • Qiu Baoxing

    Qiu Baoxing

    Vice Minister, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development

  • Wang Chao

    Wang Chao

    Vice Minister, Ministry of Commerce

  • Vice Chairman, China Insurance Regulatory Commission

  • Xia Guang

    Xia Guang

    Director, Policy Research Center for Environment and Economy, Ministry of Environmental Protection

  • Ni Hong

    Ni Hong

    Director-General,Department of Reform and Development,Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development

  • Lin Zuoming

    Lin Zuoming

    Chairman, Aviation Industry Corporation of China

  • Xiong Qunli

    Xiong Qunli

    President, China Electronics Technology Group Corporation

  • Yang Hua

    Yang Hua

    President, China National Offshore Oil Corporation

  • Zhang Yuzhuo

    Zhang Yuzhuo

    President & CEO, Shenhua Group Corp. Ltd.

  • Yu Xubo

    Yu Xubo

    President, China Oil & Foodstuffs Corporation (COFCO)

  • Bao Kexin

    Bao Kexin

    President, China Grain Reserves Corporation

  • Li Jiange

    Li Jiange

    Chairman, China International Capital Corporation Limited

  • Ma Weihua

    Ma Weihua

    Executive Director, President and CEO of China Merchants Bank

  • Wang Dongming

    Wang Dongming

    Chairman, CITIC Securities Co., Ltd.

  • Andrew Sheng

    Andrew Sheng

    President,Fung Global Institute

  • John H.Zhao

    John H.Zhao

    CEO, Hony Capital; Executive Vice President, Legend Holdings

  • Ma Huateng

    Ma Huateng

    Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Tencent Holdings Ltd.

  • Zhang Yuliang

    Zhang Yuliang

    Chairman & President, Greenland Group

  • Wang Boming

    Wang Boming

    Chairman & CEO, SEEC Media Group Limited

  • Lyu Huanbin

    Lyu Huanbin

    Director, Hunan Broadcasting System

  • Zeng Ming

    Zeng Ming

    Chief Stragegy Officer, Alibaba Group

  • Liu Shuang

    Liu Shuang

    Chief Executive Officer and Director of Phoenix New Media Limited

  • Xiang Wenbo

    Xiang Wenbo

    President, Sany Heavy Industy Co., Ltd.

  • Song Xiaowu

    Song Xiaowu

    Chairman, China Society of Economic Reform

  • Shen Guofang

    Shen Guofang

    Chinese Chief Advisor Academician, CCICED; Vice President and member, Chinese Academy of Engineering

  • Bai Chongen

    Bai Chongen

    Professor, School of Economics and Managemen,Tsinghua University

  • Hu Shuli

    Hu Shuli

    Chief Editor, Caixin Media

  • Zhang Laiming

    Zhang Laiming

    Vice President (Vice Minister), DRC

  • Wang Mengkui

    Wang Mengkui

    Chairman, CDRF; Former President (Minister), DRC

  • Zhang Yutai

    Zhang Yutai

    President, Committee of Education Science, Culture, Health and Sports; Former President and research fellow of DRC

  • Chen Qingtai

    Chen Qingtai

    Vice Chairman, CDRF; Former Vice President (Vice Minister), DRC

  • Wu Jinglian

    Wu Jinglian

    Senior Research Fellow, DRC

  • Long Guoqiang

    Long Guoqiang

    Director-General, General Office (Personnel Bureau), DRC

  • Yu Bin

    Yu Bin

    Director-General, Department of Macroeconomic Research, DRC

  • Feng Fei

    Feng Fei

    Director-General, Research Department of Industrial Economy, DRC

  • Zhao Jinping

    Zhao Jinping

    Deputy Director-General, Research Department of Foreign Economic Relations, DRC

  • Ge Yanfeng

    Ge Yanfeng

    Director-General, Research Department of Social Development, DRC

  • Ren Xingzhou

    Ren Xingzhou

    Director-General, Institute of Market Economy, DRC

  • Ba Shusong

    Ba Shusong

    Senior Researcher, Research Institute of Finance, DRC

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