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LI Wei

Chair of the CDF

 This is the 16th Annual Session of the China Development Forum.  As the Chairman of the Forum, and on behalf of the Development Research Centre of the State Council, I would like extend a warm and sincere welcome to all distinguished guests. I would also like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all our friends who have contributed to the Forum over the years!

The China Development Forum adheres to the mission: “Engaging with the World for the Common Prosperity”.  In keeping with the times, the Forum addresses China’s strategies for development in a global context.  It strives to be a global platform for international thinking and debate on critical issues concerning China’s economy and people’s livelihoods.  Fundamentally, it seeks to promote mutual understanding and deepen cooperation between China and the world. 

For more than a decade, we have sought to innovate in a bid to expand our global engagement. Thanks to the strong support of our friends and partners, at home and overseas, we have been able to build the China Development Forum into a world class platform for China to engage with the world. 

The theme of this year’s Forum is: China’s Economy in the “New Normal”. The “New Normal” depicts the steadying pace of China’s economic growth and development as it progresses to the next level.  At its core lies the task of connecting existing economic drivers with new impetus for growth.  Entering the economic “New Normal” neither changes our prior assessment that major strategic opportunities still promise enormous room for growth, nor does it affect the sound fundamentals of China’s economic development. While identifying the risks and challenges which lie ahead, we should embrace the new and exciting opportunities in the “New Normal”. To seize these historical opportunities, we need to further promote the transformation of government functions and to deepen reforms to enable the “market” to play a decisive role in resource allocation, and to let government better perform its functions. We eagerly look forward to hearing insightful ideas from the delegates on the various topics in this year’s Forum to help in China’s reform and development. 

As the policy research and consultation institution directly under the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, the Development Research Centre is a unique think tank with Chinese characteristics.  It focuses on the “Four Comprehensives”, including comprehensively deepening reform and comprehensively building a moderately prosperous society. We will strive to strengthen our strategic planning and comprehensive assessment capabilities as a policy think tank, aiming to provide more “practical” policy advice to the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, as well as rendering intellectual support for central decision making and enhancing China’s soft power. 

Wide apart are the shores at high tide, when full sail is all a boat requires in wind that’s just right. China’s thriving reform will definitely push for better engagement and mutual cooperation between China and the world. With this momentum, the China Development Forum will enjoy wide prospects. With the common support from Chinese and foreign friends, the Forum will better fulfill its mission in serving China’s reform and the common development of China and the world!


Jean-Pascal Tricoire

Co-Chair of the 16th CDF

As the Chairman & CEO of Schneider Electric, it is a great honor to serve as Co-Chair of the 16th China Development Forum (CDF).  

The rapid growth of China’s economy in the last 3 decades has enabled small and big miracles – China’s economy has contributed to over 18% of the total world GDP growth in the last decade; gone from 3% to 12% of world GDP in 15 years (1999-2014), and lifted hundreds of millions out of poverty. 

Today the world is facing a number of uncertainties. Although it is on track to economic recovery, there are still many challenges ahead. Amidst this global context, China’s robust and sustained economic growth is expected to serve as an anchor to world stability and an important foundation of global prosperity and peace. 

As China is transitioning towards the “New Normal”, my company, like many others represented here at the CDF, is pleased to see a list of topics that will be discussed during the Forum: 

• Innovation as the primary step to further development 

• Globalization supported by the “One Belt and One Road” strategy and opening-up reforms  

• All-encompassing and comprehensive reforms in governance, economy, taxation and  free trade

In the past fifteen years, the CDF has been committed to “Engaging with the world for the common prosperity”. The CDF has grown from strength to strength and evolved into an important platform of dialogue and policy exchanges between global business, international organization and the Chinese government. Today, the CDF has become one of the most prestigious global forums held in China with far-reaching impacts on China and the global economy and society.  

I am humbled to serve as co-chair of the CDF 2015. I wish that our dialogue and exchanges during the forum reach new levels based on trust, openness and friendship. As China enters a new chapter of its history, I hope that together, we understand its implications and work towards positive outcome for all.